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How much do we treasure our old written memories?

In this digital world - wouldn’t it be wonderful to create the same for our kids! They live in this fast paced world, where such simple but special recollections are often lost. 


We own thousands of digital images but maybe just the one framed print, which always stays with us. We use emails for daily communication, but doesn’t the handwritten note always carry more weight and depth?


The forgetmenot friendship diary is a means to create something our children can treasure and look at even years and years later. It’s opposing the short lasting trends and is trying to create a physical piece of memory that will only become more valuable when dusty and old.

It’s also a very personal object, where no diary will end up looking the same, once they are completed. Children are encouraged to use their best handwriting and to spend some time filling in the questions.

Stickers, drawing and other decorations give a nice touch too.


The owners of the diaries are encouraged to reach out to their friends and classmates in order to invite their peers to complete a set of pages in the book. After each entry the diary is returned back to the owner, who will then pass it on to another chosen friend.


Be prepared, the printed questions offer lots to talk and giggle about. We have left some space for art and dedications, where children are free to draw, write or decorate their space however they like. It will leave a wonderful personal touch and there is no right or wrong.


We hope you and especially your children will enjoy these books as much as we do.

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