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Hi there! We are two Swiss mums with a passion for simple but meaningful play. With fond memories of similar diaries used during our childhood, we wanted to create a keepsake for our own children.

In fact, it was when Sabrina’s first daughter was old enough to own such a diary, the first idea to create an English version was forming. Looking for a graphic designer amongst her friends, she received Laurie’s contact details. After a few first phone calls the ice was broken and it was clear, that the project was born. 


Laurie has designed the diaries with love and attention to detail. She loved every moment of it and never tired day in, day out, until both were 100% happy with the result. When it was time to print the books in Italy, she jumped on the next train to Milan and stood next to the huge printing machines, when the first hundred copies were created. 


Whilst Sabrina, together with her three children, has been living in never sleeping London for many years - Laurie is based in Zurich with her two girls. Our kids have been our inspiration throughout this process and we believe it does not matter, if you live in one of the big capitals or in some rural village - children will make friends and hopefully get the chance to treasure them. 


From the bottom of our hearts, we hope your little ones will create some wonderful memories with our "forgetmenot friendship diaries".



Sabrina & Laurie

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